Forex display with business card pocket

Height30 cm
Width21 cm
Depth10 cm

25,00 € +IVA

10 mm forex display stand with business card pocket made of transparent thermoplated plexiglass, ideal for any type of activity. A piece of furniture that contains simplicity, order and elegance: three fundamental elements for good communication.

Ideal to exhibit in your business or to bring in fairs or events. The base is mounted with the interlocking mode that makes it easy to transport and place.

Supports all sizes of cards from the classic 5 cm X 8 cm up to 6 cm X 9 cm

Altezza30 cm
Larghezza21 cm
Profondità10 cm
MaterialeForex (Materiale Plastico) 5 mm
Numero Tasche1
Misura Tasche9,2 x 4,5 cm

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