with refrgered cockpit

Height220 cm
Width195 cm
Depth105 cm
Bearing Surface175x79 cm

5 880,00 € +IVA


Ice cream cart with refrigerated wells in natural wood, details white painted.

Completely made of three-layer natural fir wood cared for in every detail. Wooden wheels with rubber are an element that distinguishes and decorates this cart, because in addition to being mobile for manual pushing, they are made with multi-level incisions that enchant the vision. The broadside finishing is solid rubber, black, easy to clean. Ideal for the long-term administration of artisan ice cream and granite. With bright personalization.


Bearing Surface

It complies with US and European standards, so it can be used in contact with food.

2 Full Trays with a lid, made with plastic food.

Transparent 1/3 and 1/6 gastronorm tanks complete with lid. They can be removed.

Support space for the operator

where it is possible to place two carapine. The accommodation is equipped with eutectic plates ideal to keep the refrigerated compartment. This compartment is available in the version with 2 or 4 holes.

Wooden Wheels with rubber

The broadside finishing is solid rubber, black, easy to clean.

Wheels with brake

rubber wheels diam. 150 mm, with plate in swivel galvanized sheet and brake


solid color or two-tone with even stripes

Click here to see the various solution. Solution with Tempotest® sun shade, solid color or two-tone with even stripes. Easy to disassemble for cleaning and finished with trimmings. The quality of the fiber makes  hydro and oil-repellent the fabrics, immune to the formation of mold and mushrooms,  resistant to stains, saltiness and fading due to UV rays.

Wooden lanterns

n. 2 wooden lanterns, finely engraved. They resume the inlaid motifs of the cart. They are complete with lamp holder and LED bulb.

Power supply and frame

the system power supply is to be connected directly to the 220 V mains, 400 Watt consumption.
Internal frame is in galvanized iron. For the rotation of the wooden wheels is arranged a rod iron with bearings.

Breath barrier

Raised removable plexiglass, with the maximum visual transparency but especially in maximum hygiene.

Ispection cage

convenient inspection cage for the area dedicated to the engine.

Bright company logo

customization on one side, made with opaline plexi with LED lighting. The dedicated area is 45x45 cm, with adhesive application at a matt finish. The power is supplied with supply power on from the control panel.


Shelf for carapine refrigerated with electricity

The set-up with refrigerated wells is complete with motor and electronic control panel with thermometer. Monobloc tank made of stainless steel with condensation drain. Manual defrost with the plant shutdown. solution with carapine (in steel containers of cylindrical shape for ice cream) arranged on two levels (in round pan) and recessed floor opal plexiglass. The standard solution comprises the flat lid airtight.

Shelf for carapine refrigerated with glycol

For use without electricity, it is possible to request the glycol refrigerated wells, with an autonomy of about 6 hours.    
Shoose the variant of shelf with:

- 2 holes 2+2 carapine

- 4 holes 4+4 carapine

- 6 holes 6+6 carapine



Apart from the flat hermetic series lid, it is possible to choose between the white vintage lid (h 260 mm) or the chrome-plated bell lid (h 150 mm).

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