• Carts
    <p>Manufacture and sale of hand-driven wood cart, choreographed in catering, wedding buffet, catering, street food, parties and events. Handcrafted wooden barrow, inspired by old carts with retro decorations and fabric hoods. All types are customizable according to customer needs.</p>
  • Exhibitors
    <p>from various formats, for all types of businesses or shops. Design and production of high quality craftsmanship, which uses materials such as plexiglass, wood, plastic (forex pvc). Customized solutions that can be customized in terms of shape, color and graphics.</p>
  • Containers
    <p>Distributors, containers, exhibitors, for loose food, flour, cereals, legumes. Display containers for packaged products for candy holders, snack boxes for waffles. Scratch card dispenser</p>
  • Lighting & Design
    <p>Solutions for furnishing and lighting shops and environments, personalized design and tailor-made craftsmanship. Design solutions</p>
  • Wooden boxes
    <p>for bread, pasta, food. Wood as a natural piece of furniture and an exhibition solution for all products.</p>
  • Stock Promotions
  • Exhibitors bottle holder
    <p>in plexiglass or wood, counter top displays, wall and table for bottles of wine and oil. Exhibitors for wine, oil and beverages that furnish wine shops, wineries, oil mills, restaurants, events and tastings. Custom solutions with your logo.</p>
  • Catering ed eventi
  • Per la tua attività
  • Targhe e decorazioni

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