Distributors, containers, exhibitors, for loose food, flour, cereals, legumes. Display containers for packaged products for candy holders, snack boxes for waffles. Scratch card dispenser

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Plexiglass containers

Plexiglass containers and dispensers, for loose and packaged products. Equipment and accessories for shops, bari, tobacconists

Wooden containers

Production and sale of containers and dispensers for bulk food, in wood and plexiglass.

Plastic containers

Production and sale of plastic containers and dispensers for packaged products, coffee pods, packaged food containers..


Porta biglietti da visita in plexiglass Altezza 5 cm Larghezza 10 cm Profondità 4 cm

3,50 € +IVA


Scatola espositiva in plexiglass trasparente da 3 mm Acquistabile in varie misure Piccola Altezza 20 cm Larghezza 15 cm Profondità 12 cm Media Altezza 22 cm Larghezza 20 cm Profondità 15 cm Grande Altezza 27 cm Larghezza 25 cm Profondità 20 cm

33,00 € +IVA

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